How I Help


I encourage you to take the next step and work with me for guidance and support, this is what I do best.

As a biomedical naturopath I am all about uncovering the underlying cause of dis-ease rather than just managing symptoms. I want you to regain your health and be able to live a life you love but to do this takes work. A commitment to the process is required. Making changes and being consistent with your treatment protocol will get you there.

I don’t have a magic pill. 

But I do have twenty plus years of clinical experience, a huge amount of training that is ongoing. A passion for the work (honestly no one else gets this excited about poo testing!) and huge compassion for what you have been going through.


I work closely with;

  • Bioscreen, I’ve been using their specific testing for 10 years now and can’t speak highly enough of the quality.
  • SmartDNA genetic profiling
  • Nutripath for Hormonal profiling and other functional testing


Treatment Involves a combination of;

  • Food as Medicine (specific dietary changes, therapeutic food prescriptions and protocols)
  • Nutraceuticals (therapeutic dose, active form nutrients to correct nutritional deficiencies and/or biochemical imbalances)
  • Lifestyle implementations to reduce stress and create optimal conditions for healing.



(Effective October 1st, 2020)

Initial Consultation

 1hr – $252

Standard Followup

½ hr – $111

Longer Review Followup

¾ hr $162


“Karlene prescribes treatment through an evidence based approach. She is kind, empathetic and went above and beyond to help me with my health concerns. The thing I appreciated above all was Karlene’s ability to listen. I have, and will continue to recommend her to anyone looking for help and searching for answers.” – Marni