Who is on your team?

I have a big dark secret to share with you all and I know you may be a little shocked but hear me out……

I do not work alone. 
What I mean by this is that I do not get all the stuff done in my life without help from others. Does it shock you to hear a woman saying this? 
I believe this is a conversation we all need to start having out loud and in the open because the insanity of trying to do everything ourselves, to the impossibly high standards that some of us set  for ourselves is taking a toll on our health. 
Week after week I see clients who are exhausted both physically and mentally from ‘going it alone’. Rushing around like ants pouring out of their nest trying to get all the little jobs done without pause to think ‘is all of this absolutely necessary? Is there a more efficient way to do this AND is there someone I could ask to help me?’
Actually we are worse than ants because at least they have a structure and a purpose and are all working together to achieve it. We humans could learn a lot about collaboration and making things easier from the natural world. 
As many of you know I run my own business and am a single Mum to two wonderful children. Essentially I juggle the two full time jobs of Naturopath and Parenting and then try to squeeze in time for my passion of singing, keeping my body fit and strong so I can keep working at the level I do and then sometimes I get time to unwind and socialize too. 
I choose the priorities. I love my work, I love getting to the bottom of health puzzles and complex cases to help people and I love raising my children. Working for myself, I also choose to take on many of the tasks of running a business that others in bigger organizations don’t have to worry about but I definitely don’t do everything alone!
At the moment I have a small team who help me focus on what I do best and maybe, in the future I’ll be able to expand this further. For now, I want you to know that having an accountant, a web designer, a logo and graphics designer, a writer and coach who I can discuss big ideas with, a microbiologist, a counselor, and a trainer on my team is such a relief for me and allows me to be the best Clinical Naturopath I can be. 

So, who’s on your team? 

In whatever you do at the moment, whether you are a stay at home mum or the CEO of a big company, I urge you to take a moment and think about who your valuable team members are. Those people paid (or unpaid) that support you in some way to be a better, calmer, more organized, fitter, more relaxed, more creative YOU. 


Introducing one of my team members with whom I have an exciting collaboration to share with you;

Anita Bronwyn Toi is someone I knew I wanted to work with one day. We hit it off immediately on meeting and although our skills differ and our perceptions vary, our values are truly aligned.

We both care intensely about our clients from a position of truth, integrity and doing all we can to support them. We both abhor quick fixes and cheap sales pitches. We are excited by new research and are curious to blend it with age old traditions that work. We care about your health and wellbeing because it’s in our DNA, it’s what we are here to do. 
Anita is also a qualified naturopath, however she’s taken a different path, focusing on wellness coaching and the realm of emotional health rather than clinical naturopathy. We have been working together behind the scenes for a little while now. Wondering how we can properly become a team and bring our skills and experience together to provide more for our clients. 
I am excited to announce that Anita and I will be running small group programs together in Torquay and the first one begins this month. We wanted to provide an affordable option for our clients to receive information, motivation, personal guidance and support in a personal setting. 
If you are curious to learn more PLEASE CLICK HERE to let me know.