Transformation is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

This story is about complete transformation.

It is about a deeply troubled man who came to see me in my clinic with a problematic skin condition that he had suffered with for over 20 years.

When John first came to see me, his skin was so open I could see into his flesh. He had suffered for so long and had even traveled to other countries to search for a cure. John had been regularly admitted into hospitals, clinics, and seen multiple specialists all over the world.

That night, I was so worried about John, I cried.

I cried because I really didn’t know if I could help him. I had tried to refer him to someone else because I didn’t think I had what it took to get him the results he desperately needed.

But John chose to trust me. He had already tried so many things. He said, “since my search began, I finally feel that someone actually cares about me and my wellness. I am up for whatever you suggest.”

So, John and I worked hard; he consistently stepped up to do what I asked of him.


This path was a marathon, not a sprint.

There were many layers to attend to, habits to break, nutritional supplements, herbal formulas, juicing, fasting, baths, creams, a stool sample, and a profoundly restorative diet. The path forward was the deep dive into every aspect of John’s healing.


As a naturopath, I know the body has a remarkable capacity to heal. I remind my clients every day, “you are your own medicine – but you are also your poison too – it is your choice.”

Naturopathic principles understand the system of healing known as Hering’s Law of Cure. This law refers to the way the body heals or cures itself.

Hering’s Law of Cure states: Cure starts from within, from the head down and in the reverse order of the symptoms as they appeared or were suppressed.

For me, addressing the gut is paramount. Understanding the health of your gut is reflected out onto the skin. How you are feeding your gut and building your microbiota is also very important, meaning that it is not only about what you put in – but also about what you leave out that is significant.

Fasting can be scary for some people – but the fasting state is a phenomenal transformative mop up.

This formula is how John and I worked together toward his health.

▪ We stripped back the layers

▪ We removed parasites and debris

▪ We cleared organs of elimination and

▪ We were vigilant about not losing ground by slipping too far back if life got in the way.

Of course, life throws curveballs, so committing to a process like this, and even being aware of your thoughts and behaviours, addictions, patterns, and attachments is also part of restoring balance at the deepest levels.

A complete transformation is definitely possible.

This story is not only about John’s transformation; it is also a story of inspiration to show you that anything is possible.

It is your journey; it will not always be easy because no two paths are ever the same.

My protocols are based on your evidence. I work with you all the way. If I don’t know, I test, and together with your feedback – we write a new book of healing, which is your reference guide to your health and wellness. That path is based totally on you and your body’s needs.



Miracles occur every day in my clinic. But the gift of transformation that I speak of is not necessarily easy; in fact, it takes determination and hard work by you. I am here to guide you, tailor a protocol for you and your body, and shine the light on your healing path, but it is up to you to take action.

If you are serious about a deep restoration path, about your transformation, contact me personally, or make a booking via We’ll work together to get YOU started on your personalised healing path.


To your health and quality of life…

Karlene Georgiadis ND

Biomedical Naturopath