Pea & Hemp Burgers

I was recently inspired to re-create these Pea & Hemp Burgers by a vegan food van offering the most delightful, wholesome wrap. I thought to myself ‘I could eat this every day’,  it was that good. I went home and experimented until the recipe reproduced my delight that day so I share in the hope you’ll try it too.  



500gms peas cooked and strained then blitz ( the become quite fluffy and mushy)

2 large handfuls of coriander or any green herb finely chopped

½ cup of hemp seeds

¼ cup corn flour ( or any other flour you would prefer to use)

¼ cup rice crumbs

Salt & pepper to taste

Due to allergies in my family I didn’t use garlic or onions – but you could add these of course which would enhance the flavour & provide sulphurous goodness. 



Mush it all up and form into patties then shallow fry in coconut oil until golden on each side and warmed through. 

* I used them as a base for a very colourful wrap with pesto and a tahini mayonnaise, a handful of greens and some grated carrot, YUM! 


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