Good news, even in a crisis?


By Karlene Georgiadis, Author and Biomedical Naturopath


This month’s blog is a little different from any other blog I have shared so far. Here’s why…


At the time of writing, the whole of Victoria has been placed into another sudden ‘circuit-breaker’ COVID-19 lockdown. With this in mind, I asked myself the question: “Is there such a thing as good news, even in a crisis situation?”


I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that the answer is absolutely a big “YES!”


Do you see what I see?

There are always opportunities to do things differently and better. There is always a silver lining. I am grateful I am open to seeing these blessings and sharing my positive message with you.


A little over one year ago, we all remember, many people across Australia found themselves experiencing their first-ever COVID-19 lockdowns. It was a difficult time for many, managing life in the midst of great uncertainty.


What’s different?

Many new skill sets have been added to our lives. Fast forward to now. We’ve learned to ‘pivot’ and to adapt. With a fresh new approach to working from home, I get up each day and look forward to the day ahead. I look forward to being in my own space and to still being able to connect with you all. Of course, the key difference is we now connect more than ever before via Telehealth and social media channels.


Telehealth: The ‘new normal’

Telehealth truly is a big part of the ‘new normal.’ It is a way for many healthcare practitioners to continue to see their patients. Healthcare practitioners including General Practitioners, Psychologists, and Naturopaths, as well as their patients, all over the world, have embraced Telehealth. We have also embraced the technology needed to make it work!


Travel in the time of COVID-19?

You might know a certain famous Johnny Cash song. Or perhaps the cover versions by Australian artists including Lucky Starr and Slim Dusty where the chorus goes:


“I’ve been everywhere, man!”


In the course of my work, I now see people in faraway places. Places I could not possibly hope to physically travel to in a day. Technology offers us a great solution; it enables us to continue to go everywhere in a virtual capacity. It is because of modern technology that I can safely continue to meet with each person I still need to see. The same applies to you too!


Continuing to work through lockdowns

Yes, I am continuing to work through lockdowns. Happily, the prospect of either an immediate or an impending lockdown is not a problem. Lockdowns no longer impede my ability to continue to work. This includes working with other colleagues, doctors, and microbiologists. Most importantly, lockdowns do not impede my ability to continue helping my many patients. This includes new patients referred to me from other sources “everywhere, man!”


Benefits of Telehealth

The benefits of choosing to receive healthcare via Telehealth for patients are clear:


– Working with your preferred practitioner, no matter where you, or they, are in Australia or New Zealand

– Remaining connected to your preferred practitioner even if you, or they, have moved interstate – it is all completely doable!

– It’s easier than ever before to keep appointments running on time

– Increased appointment flexibility

– The opportunity to attend appointments during your lunch break

– Attending appointments from the comfort of your own car, home, in a park, or from the beach

– Keeping on top of your health, even during snap lockdowns, or other life events

– Easy access to health and supplement products via online patient product ordering portals

– The ability to access health and supplement products via Australia Post


The greatest benefit of all is choosing to see the new opportunities in these times. Go on and choose this for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.


So much to be grateful for!

I am so grateful I can still reach out to you and my future patients. There are so many ways I can reach out and it is still possible for me to “tune in” to your energy, even on the other side of my screen. I also find I enjoy getting to visit the post office a bit more and, of course, also connecting with you live on Facebook and Instagram.


Another blessing for me personally is an opportunity that sprung forth during last year. By this, I am referring to the opportunity to step up and write the book I have intended to write for a long time now. This has been an incredible undertaking that has prompted me to really focus in even more on gut health and the imperative to “know my shit!” Oh, and pardon the pun…which is also the title of my soon-to-be-released book Know your shit – so exciting!


Until next time…


Karlene x