Chocolate Beetroot Cake- jacked up

Have you been in the kitchen more lately? I have! No surprises there. I spent time adapting my signature chocolate beetroot cake. Made even better for you if you grow your own beetroot! But the addition of powdered Bilberry was pure genius! Because now it is not… Read More

Pea & Hemp Burgers

I was recently inspired to re-create these Pea & Hemp Burgers by a vegan food van offering the most delightful, wholesome wrap. I thought to myself ‘I could eat this every day’,  it was that good. I went home and experimented until the recipe reproduced my delight that day so… Read More

Satisfaction Slice

I developed this Satisfaction Slice as a way to trick the taste buds into thinking they were getting a sweet treat, while really we are just loading up on brain food.  Ok, so just a heads up – these are not sweet! They seem to be sweet and the look,… Read More