Hi, I’m Karlene, a Biomedical Naturopath

I help people with complex autoimmune conditions to improve their health and quality of life


I work with people that have complex chronic conditions that have not responded to medical treatment. I have a particular passion for gut – brain connection, adrenal health, stress and pyrrole disorder. 

As a former sufferer of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and long-term digestive disorders, I know what it’s like to wake up and wonder if you will ever feel any better. I understand how confusing it can be to hear and read different and conflicting information from various health professionals and feel uncertain as to how to proceed. 

You may feel as though you’ve tried numerous approaches with only limited results, despite investing a lot of time and money in trying to find the answers.

That’s why I don’t waste your time with guessing games of what’s causing your symptoms and I don’t throw a bunch of remedies at you until we’ve done the specific Functional Pathology testing that will inform your personal treatment approach. 

I create evidence-based personalised protocols for optimal health outcomes.

Are you trying to manage a chronic health condition and need a fresh approach, guidance and support with someone who knows what they are dealing with?

  • I apply medical pathology testing and scientific research with traditional health principles to uncover and treat the cause of health issues.

  • There is no need for guessing or fingers crossed approaches. Your personalised treatment plan is designed by me and based on the evidence collected from your own health data.

  • All of the therapies I use in my clinical practice are heavily researched, evidence based and I’ve tried them myself. I am constantly researching and refining my treatments as new alternatives appear but some of the best remedies are still the basics that have stood the test of time.

“I have suffered from chronic, ongoing poor health for many years (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis). On meeting Karlene, I finally felt “heard”, respected & understood. Karlene  is a highly skilled and compassionate practitioner who has a close professional relationship with both my GP & Endocrinologist. This collaborative approach has seen me improve greatly over the past year. Karlene has an advanced understanding of healing the gut & a desire to get to the root cause of my Autoimmune Disease. She has educated me on how best I can manage my illness through diet, stress reduction and supplements where needed. Nothing is left to guesswork either- clinical tests are requested and an individual treatment plan is designed around my specific needs. Karlene-  thank you so much for being the missing puzzle piece for getting my health back on track & for being so passionate about what you do” – Jo