Biomedicine Therapies

A biomedical approach is one that investigates the underlying cause of disease and takes into account the person as a whole and their complete medical history. By looking at health this way the underlying cause of dis-ease may be identified, (rather than simply treating the symptoms) resulting in a far more effective outcome. Treatments are evidence based and in keeping with the latest medical research.


Karlene uses a combination of:

  • Pathology testing(including functional pathology tests – that dive deeper than standard GP tests, giving more information to work with)
  • Extensive client history, including dietary analysis
  • Clinical signs and symptoms

To identify:

The driving factors of illness that are specific to the patient. Examples include:

Food intolerances & allergies, gut microflora imbalance, metabolic, hormonal & biochemical imbalances, genetic polymorphisms, immune system dysfunction etc

Treatment Involves a combination of:

  • Food as Medicine (specific dietary changes, therapeutic food prescriptions and protocols)
  • Nutraceuticals (therapeutic dose, active form nutrients to correct nutritional deficiencies and/or biochemical imbalances)
  • Lifestyle implementations to reduce stress and create optimal conditions for healing.


Karlene is passionate about working with her clients to create effective, achievable and sustainable treatment plans. Her mission is to provide the tools her client’s need to establish a lifelong healthy relationship with themselves for ongoing health and vitality.

Fees & Terms

The Initial consultation fee is $210 (allow a minimum of 1 hour).

Follow up consultations are $140

The consult fee does not include the cost of any therapies or biomedical testing recommended.

Please respect our cancellation policy and make any changes to your appointment at least 24 hours prior.


“Karlene prescribes treatment through an evidence based approach. She is kind, empathetic and went above and beyond to help me with my health concerns. The thing I appreciated above all was Karlene’s ability to listen. I have, and will continue to recommend her to anyone looking for help and searching for answers.” – Marni