Work With Me


I encourage you to take the next step and work with me if you are sick and tired of trying haphazard approaches with limited results. If you’ve been in the medical system for many years now and seen little improvement in your health it’s time to commit to an approach that delves deeply into the science of what is happening in your body.


As a biomedical naturopath I am all about uncovering the underlying cause of dis-ease rather than just managing symptoms. I want you to regain your health and be able to live a life you love but to do this takes work. A commitment to the process is required. Making changes and being consistent with your treatment protocol will get you there.


I don’t have a magic pill.


But I do have twenty plus years of clinical experience, a huge amount of training that is ongoing. A passion for the work (honestly no one else gets this excited about poo testing!) and huge compassion for what you have been going through.


I work closely with;

  • Bioscreen, I’ve been using their specific testing for 10 years now and can’t speak highly enough of the quality.
  • SmartDNA genetic profiling
  • Nutripath for Hormonal profiling and other functional testing


Treatment Involves a combination of;

  • Food as Medicine (specific dietary changes, therapeutic food prescriptions and protocols)
  • Nutraceuticals (therapeutic dose, active form nutrients to correct nutritional deficiencies and/or biochemical imbalances)
  • Lifestyle implementations to reduce stress and create optimal conditions for healing.


Packages and Pricing


Initial Consultations


This is our first meeting in which a detailed full case history is taken.


Before our first consult, I will ask for a list of information that helps us to make the most of our time together. I will want to know as much about your previous health history as possible including any recent test results. I’ll want some information on any medications or supplements you are taking and any other diagnoses and treatments. We will also discuss your goals for your health.


Based on this initial assessment I will be recommending which treatment package best suits your personal requirements. This includes recommendations for specific testing and possible directions for treatment although we won’t be able to put the exact treatment protocol together until we receive the results.


Over time I have learned that no two test results are the same and hence why I treat each person individually. However you will leave after that first appointment feeling heard and empowered with information from which to make your next decision.


Investment $250

What is not included;

Cost of pathology or functional pathology testing

Cost of recommended products


Package One: Ultimate Health Reset 


This package is for the person with one or more autoimmune conditions suffering symptoms in multiple body systems. If you have so much going on with your health that you don’t know where to begin, relax because this is for you.


Rather than chasing our tails treating one symptom after the next we take an entirely fresh perspective, do some detailed high level testing to see exactly where you are at then develop a personalized treatment protocol from there based on the evidence we receive back from the labs as well as your case history.


This package offers six one-hour sessions with me, every fortnight over three months. I’ve found this to be the best way to keep you focussed, motivated and on-track. In addition I offer access and support via phone and email in between sessions. I will also write referral letters to your medical practitioners and organise testing and results for you.


 This is a premium package with a huge amount of support because the intention is for Big Changes in 3 months and I am here to fully support you in this transition.


Investment: $2,995

What is not included:

Cost of pathology or functional pathology testing

Cost of recommended products


Package Two: Gut Health Bootcamp


I have been running this program for a while now and am still so fascinated by the way everyone’s gut microbiome is different!


What this has shown me is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ and any programs that claim so are not being honest.


The right probiotic for one person can have an adverse effect in someone else’s gut. Therefore it’s crucial to test properly for levels of bacteria, parasites, fatty acids and more as a starting point before any treatment protocol is given.


After your stool sample has been analyzed we meet three times.


Session 1. Protocol consult

This involves my discussion with the microbiologist and establishing your very best personalized protocol based on your sample results. This is delivered to you in a 1 ½ hour consultation.


Session 2. Follow up consultation at 4 weeks ( timing may vary) . This is a 1 hour session to see how you are going with the treatment and what changes you have experienced. It’s important to see whether we need to adjust anything at this point and often motivation can be flagging a little so this meeting will give you a boost to keep going and complete your Gut Bootcamp.


Session 3. Final consult to talk about your results and what to do moving forward so that you can maintain your new awesome gut function. This is a ¾ hour session.


Investment: $1495 (Includes testing)

What is not included;

Cost of recommended products


“Karlene prescribes treatment through an evidence based approach. She is kind, empathetic and went above and beyond to help me with my health concerns. The thing I appreciated above all was Karlene’s ability to listen. I have, and will continue to recommend her to anyone looking for help and searching for answers.” – Marni