Gilbert’s Syndrome

Gilbert’s Syndrome (pronounced zhil-bairs) is a condition considered by the medical profession to be a silent genetic disorder. Often when people are diagnosed as having abnormal levels of bilirubin on a routine blood test, they are told they have Gilbert’s but then immediately told not to worry about it, that… Read More

What is Pyrrole Disorder?

  Pyrrole disorder came to my attention about ten years ago when I was taking notes at a conference and the presenter said “ of course if there are night terrors you go straight to pyrrole disorder”.   A bell went off in my brain as I frantically jotted down… Read More

Who is on your team?

I have a big dark secret to share with you all and I know you may be a little shocked but hear me out…… I do not work alone.    What I mean by this is that I do not get all the stuff done in my life… Read More

My Personal Microbiome Journey

You may be wondering why I am so obsessed with poo and functional testing of stool as a part of the healing process. Let me give you an insight into my own microbiome  journey and why it has become a central part of the treatment for so many of my… Read More

Pea & Hemp Burgers

I was recently inspired to re-create these Pea & Hemp Burgers by a vegan food van offering the most delightful, wholesome wrap. I thought to myself ‘I could eat this every day’,  it was that good. I went home and experimented until the recipe reproduced my delight that day so… Read More

Lets talk about Gut Health (& Poo)

Not a day goes by that I don’t talk about gut health with my clients and yes, that does involve questions about poo. I am forever referring to what is in the toilet bowel and it astounds me that so many people don’t know what’s in there as they… Read More

Satisfaction Slice

I developed this Satisfaction Slice as a way to trick the taste buds into thinking they were getting a sweet treat, while really we are just loading up on brain food.  Ok, so just a heads up – these are not sweet! They seem to be sweet and the look,… Read More

What is ‘Die Off’, A Healing Crisis or Herxheimer Reaction?

Have you ever started a new treatment plan for your health, only to find that you begin to feel worse? You could be experiencing a Healing Crisis.  This is a common occurrence and it is not the time to throw in the towel and stop what you are doing but… Read More

Why your Zinc: Copper Ratio is important

Zinc and copper are two important elements in nature and minerals within the body. Working with my clients to correct imbalances between these two has shown me what an incredible biochemical instrument we are and how imbalances can easily result in an array of symptoms and disease pathways. Zinc and… Read More

Alkalise Alkalise Alkalise

Alkalise or Die is certainly an eye catching title for a book don’t you think! This is the title of Theodore Baroody’s book that covers the science behind the theory of alkalising for preventing disease and improving health. Alkalising the system has become one of the cornerstones of my… Read More