Get in the Flow Slice – February Recipe

By Karlene Georgiadis Flow Slice Wowsers!! So while writing about all things bile for my February blog, I decided there should be more we can do and because you all love my recipes so much, I decided that I needed to spend some time in my test kitchen here at… Read More

Are You in the Flow?

Your bile and poo speak the truth. By Karlene Georgiadis, Author and Biomedical Naturopath   Call me weird, call me eccentric, call me devoted… to your health because I have lots of fascinations and favourite topics.   None are as interesting as poo though – (for those of you who… Read More

Reset Rainbow Salad

by Karlene Georgiadis, Biomedical Naturopath   This is a favourite salad of mine that I make and eat as a quick gut health reset. To me it is a beautiful rainbow in a bowl, it looks so inviting, full of bright colourful goodness, and oh so good for you too!… Read More

Set your 2021 Intentions and Listen to Your Gut Instincts

by Karlene Georgiadis   Have you ever had that deep gut feeling where you are having a physical reaction to the world around – and that ‘feeling,’ or the reaction is coming from inside you?   That instinctual ‘gut feeling’ is your body carrying out a primal response to subconscious… Read More

Sago Plum Pudding

My Mum’s Original Recipe with tweaks by Karlene Ingredients: 4 Tbsp of Sago or Tapioca balls 1 cup of milk or milk equivalent such as almond milk or coconut milk 1 ½ tsp bicarb (get the aluminium free type from the health food store) 2 Tbsp butter (yes use… Read More

8 Tips to Deal with Parasites

How to Stay Healthy this Holiday Season and Ditch the Hitchhikers.   By Karlene Georgiadis – Biomedical Naturopath   It is likely, like me, you will do Christmas differently this year. Maybe even your usual holiday plans will have changed for 2021 due to… Read More

A Twist in the Allergy Plot

Well, what a year we’ve had! Finally, spring has sprung, and especially in Victoria we’re allowed a little more freedom to be out and about. Spring brings with it the joys of fresh energy, birth to new flora and fauna, spring cleaning, crisp mornings, and beautiful… Read More

Transformation is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

This story is about complete transformation. It is about a deeply troubled man who came to see me in my clinic with a problematic skin condition that he had suffered with for over 20 years. When John first came to see me, his skin was so open I could see… Read More

Chocolate Beetroot Cake- jacked up

Have you been in the kitchen more lately? I have! No surprises there. I spent time adapting my signature chocolate beetroot cake. Made even better for you if you grow your own beetroot! But the addition of powdered Bilberry was pure genius! Because now it is not… Read More

My Approach

‘Naturopath’ as a Job title is still largely vague and misunderstood by many. Some people don’t realise that as Naturopaths we are fully qualified Nutritionists but we also have the benefit of a qualification in Herbal Medicine.   The first two years of our training are focussed purely on Biomedical… Read More