Have you been managing a chronic health condition for some time and just need a fresh approach with someone who knows what they are dealing with?


I wish I’d been able to find such a person many years ago when I went through my own struggle with Chronic Fatigue. Several events in my life had tipped me over the edge and as someone with an already sensitive system I found myself in a dark health conundrum that lasted many years.

During my healing I tried almost everything, some approaches worked, others were a waste of time and money.

Fast forward to the present and as a Biomedical Naturopath, I’ve developed a treatment path for complex autoimmune health conditions based on over two decades of clinical experience, training and ongoing research.


There is no need for guessing or fingers crossed approaches. Your personalised treatment plan is designed by me and based on the evidence collected from your own health data.

All of the therapies I use in my clinical practice are heavily researched, evidence based and I’ve tried them myself. I am constantly researching and refining my treatments as new alternatives appear but some of the best remedies are still the basics that have stood the test of time.


Who I work with

  • Clients suffering conditions such as Hashimoto’s, Chronic Fatigue, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Coeliac and Crohn’s Disease.
  • Clients ready to see improved results in their health and are motivated by the accountability and support from a practitioner who wants to see them succeed.
  • Client’s who are sick of feeling like life is a battle and fighting their bodies just to function normally. People who want to know what it’s like to reach optimal health and are prepared to do the work to get there.


More About Me

I feel very lucky to be in the position where I can do what I love and feel passionate about my work on a daily basis. After recovering my energy, healing my gut and learning how to best nourish myself for optimal performance I not only love what I do for work but I also love;

Dancing Bachata and Salsa 

Singing in small group ensembles

Exploring Tantric wisdom and practice

Walking on the beach where I live

Hanging out with my two beautiful kids


Karlene has a very holistic approach and my first and following appointments were always thorough. She would ask a lot of questions and listen to all my concerns. Karlene had the respect of both my GP and the endocrinologist and the 3 of them worked together and all played a part my care. I feel this collaborative approach helped tremendously. Now, a year after first seeing Karlene I’m a different person. I have energy, I feel happier and I really have my life back. I have and will continue to recommend Karlene to anyone with health issues that need improving. She’s a gem!