I have lived, breathed and walked my talk as a naturopath for a long time. Creating my own clinic and working directly with clients has always been my dream and I never tire of it because each new client brings a unique problem to solve.

I am also constantly inspired by the latest research, updating my knowledge by attending seminars several times a year, reading and discussing new findings with my peers on a regular basis. I find naturopathy to be a dynamic and exciting field of health to be in at the present time.

Many of us in the health and wellness field were led here by our own journeys and I am no exception. Several years ago, I experienced the sudden loss of my mother. I was a single mother myself to two gorgeous young children but the grief coupled with life’s demands resulted in chronic fatigue.

The path I took on my own recovery has given me valuable insight into chronic health conditions including auto-immunity and the impact our genes plus environmental factors have on our health. I feel that my personal experience means I am better equipped to piece together the complex jigsaw involved in the health of my clients and I have an understanding of what is required to restore balance and function.

I particularly love working with complex cases, clients whom have been dealing with a chronic health condition for some time and are seeking a fresh approach and a deeper understanding of their symptoms. GUT health is central to my work and optimising digestive function via the gut microbiome is a cornerstone of my approach.

All of the therapies I use in my clinical practice are heavily researched, evidence based and I have tried them myself. I am constantly researching and refining my treatments as new alternatives appear but some of the best remedies are still the most basic that have stood the test of time.

I feel very lucky to be in the position where I can do what I love and feel passionate about my work on a daily basis.

Karlene has a very holistic approach and my first and following appointments were always thorough. She would ask a lot of questions and listen to all my concerns. Karlene had the respect of both my GP and the endocrinologist and the 3 of them worked together and all played a part my care. I feel this collaborative approach helped tremendously. Now, a year after first seeing Karlene I’m a different person. I have energy, I feel happier and I really have my life back. I have and will continue to recommend Karlene to anyone with health issues that need improving. She’s a gem!