Hi, I’m Karlene, a Biomedical Naturopath. I help people with complex autoimmune conditions to improve their health and quality of life.


As someone whom formerly suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and long-term digestive disorders, I use my experience and ongoing training to help others navigate a path of healing from Autoimmunity. 

You may feel as though you’ve tried numerous approaches with limited results.

That’s why I don’t waste your time with guessing games of what’s causing your symptoms and I don’t throw a bunch of remedies at you until we’ve done the specific Functional Pathology testing that will inform your personal treatment approach.

I create evidence-based personalised protocols for optimal health outcomes. 

“I have suffered from chronic, ongoing poor health for many years (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis). On meeting Karlene, I finally felt “heard”, respected & undertsood. Karlene  is a highly skilled and compassionate practioner who has a close professional relationship with both my GP & Endocrinologist. This collaborative approach has seen me improve greatly over the past year. Karlene has an advanced understanding of healing the gut & a desire to get to the root cause of my Autoimmune Disease. She has educated me on how best I can manage my illness through diet, stress reduction and supplements where needed. Nothing is left to guesswork either- clinical tests are requested and an individual treatment plan is designed around my specific needs. Karlene-  thank you so much for being the missing puzzle piece for getting my health back on track & for being so passionate about what you do” – Jo